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June 01, 2012

IPCopper's USC1030 Provides Advanced Network Monitoring and Forensics

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

IPCopper, Inc., a company designing and manufacturing network forensic and data security tools for both public and private sectors, has released its newest packet capture appliance which can log and detect even the newest threats that bypass and overwhelm firewalls, anti-virus programs and network security systems. The IPCopper USC1030‘s captures and stores every bit of all the current and historical IP activity, and allows network forensic experts to conduct end-to-end investigations into security breaches and malicious attacks in the company’s network.

The combination of gigabit-speed data capture, large memory and easy installation in a compact, solid tamperproof 12 ga. metal case makes the USC1030 a first of its class security appliance. The unit can be placed anywhere, at the network perimeter, core or in between – simply connect it as a pass-through or via a tap device, power it up and it will boot up and begin recording without any user intervention.

 According to a press release, USC 1030 is a fully automatic appliance and requires no configuration. No IP or MAC addresses ensures IPCopper is electronically undetectable, making its presence on network invisible to hackers and other potential observers. It makes and keeps carbon copies of e-mails, Web, VoIP and other IP-based communications done over the network, which can be used in court to prevent and prosecute cyber-attacks, corporate espionage and internal misuse.

Additionally it logs access to servers and other high-value equipment, is compatible with third-party forensics software and is compliant with HIPAA, SOX, PCI and other network security regulations. IPCopper further protects the data with dual encryption using a 20Kb key and technique that “mates” the data to the unit’s hard drive itself, protecting even the unlikely event where someone can manage to mechanically duplicate the hard drive 

The IPCopper USC1030 will be demonstrated at SANS Rocky Mountain on June 5, 2012.

Edited by Brooke Neuman