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October 19, 2012

UnboundID Challenge Allows Service Providers, Telcos, Enterprises to Secure Identity Data Infrastructure

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

UnboundID recently announced the “UnboundID Challenge,” to enable service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises to secure their identity data infrastructure against software problems and risks, thereby avoiding outages similar to those suffered by European telcos in July this year.

In a statement, UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff, said that, “With the ever-increasing number of data-hungry customers and their devices, large telcos and other service providers are struggling to keep key consumer services up and running. In this business, failure is not an option; however, we recognize that these failures could become more common. Organizations need to be sure they can avoid similar issues, while protecting their brand and generating more revenue from existing and new customers.”

The UnboundID Challenge program, announced at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, that it is open to all companies keen on zeroing in on potential software risks and issues to effectively secure their identity data infrastructure.

The challenge has been designed to provide companies with insight into their infrastructure with respect to three critical issues – if their current software/database infrastructure provider is helping them address their ROI/TCO objectives in a cost-effective manner, if their infrastructure is reliable, and if their infrastructure can support improved revenue generation from new applications and services.

Companies taking part in the UnboundID Challenge will be able to identify new ways of securing their identity data systems and addressing increased demand for data, while also generating new streams of revenue by securely sharing identity data in open environments.

UnboundID will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the identity data systems of a company that is taking part in the challenge.

Depending on the requirement and or as a best option available, UnboundID will either coexist with or completely replace the existing directory service infrastructures.  

Leveraging the UnboundID platform, organizations can easily manage and secure the identities of their subscribers in real time, securely share and manage identity information in open environments, integrate identity data to provide greater visibility into subscriber value and preferences, and boost their average revenue per user via a comprehensive understanding of subscriber identity data.

Edited by Braden Becker