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November 16, 2012

Palo Alto Networks Broadens Partnership with Bradford Networks to Deliver a Secure BYOD Solution

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Palo Alto Networks, a leading network security company, recently teamed up with Bradford Networks, one of the best choices to provide secure network access to personal and corporate issued mobile devices, to deliver a high-performance and integrated Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) network solution.

This new technology partner program is intrinsically committed to deliver integrated and high-performance solutions that can preferably improve the network security system for enterprises. This new partnership centers on the new authentication, security risk management, availability partnerships, and network monitoring.

Through this integration, Bradford Networks and Palo Alto Networks can extend content, application, and user-centric firewall policies for personal mobile phone devices, thus, enabling the enterprises to deliver full network control and visibility across all mobile devices in their network, irrespective of whether they are associated with the user or not. Palo Alto Networks offers next generation security firewalls that can apply directly to application enablement policies via Active Directory integration included in each User-ID. This Active Directory integration provided by User-ID associates the users with their respective IP addresses, thus, allowing the user identity to become an important element of “user-based” firewall policies.

Alternately, Bradford Networks’ high-performance Network Sentry retains the username information for all the three types of non-corporate devices mentioned. Being “network aware,” Network Sentry knows accurately when any of these devices connect to the network. It then instantly sends the IP address and username to the User-Id PAN Agent, enabling Palo Alto Network firewalls to apply the policies based on the information of the users provided by Network Sentry.

The integrated security solution provides full control and visibility over each user and device, accessing the network and enabling the enterprises to address the emerging security needs of BYOD proactively. The key features of this integrated Bradford Networks and Palo Alto Networks solution include:

  • Dynamic mobility risk assessment: Proactively identifies the suspicious network events, traffic, and anomalies, allowing only reliable mobile devices to access the resources of the network.
  • Full automation to reduce IT management overhead: The integrated solution automatically discovers the mobile devices on the network, provisioning firewall policies and network access based on the device type and user.
  • Advanced network forensics: Delivering full control and visibility across all wireless and wired devices connecting or disconnecting from the network, instantly detecting and locating a suspicious device.
  • Secure and automated onboarding: Users can have secure access to all network resources on personally owned and corporate issued devices.
  • Auto-remediation for non-compliant devices: Automatically isolating and removing infected or non-compliance devices based in risk tolerance policies.

"BYOD can be a double-edged sword for many organizations. Companies would like to embrace BYOD to reduce costs and improve productivity, but unchecked, it can create major network security headaches," said Chad Kinzelberg, vice-president of Business and Corporate Development for Palo Alto Networks. "Our partnership with Bradford Networks will help enterprises gain greater visibility and awareness of every device that connects to their network -- both corporate and personally owned," he added.

Bradford Networks offers the ideal solution to enable secure network access across personal and corporate issued mobile devices.

Palo Alto Networks is a leading network security company, enabling enterprises to secure their networks and enable growing numbers of applications running on their networks.

Edited by Rich Steeves