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December 27, 2012

iQsim's Mobile Robot Provides Many Benefits for Testing, Applications

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

iQsim’s R400 Series Mobile Robot provides many benefits for testing procedures and applications.

The Mobile Robot is an open platform, Linux-based SIM server. It is a “perfect match for testing procedures such as QoS [quality of service], quality of experience (QoE), end-to-end service testing and roaming and revenue assurance,” according to a recent review on TMCnet.

The Mobile Robot also offers APIs that are hardware-level.

“(They) allow the development of functionalities and scripting of tests to determine and control the different aspects of the robot’s behavior,” according to the company’s product specifications.

An added benefit is customization so it can meet specific customer needs. It provides an automated test execution platform for mobile networks as well.

iQsim Mobile Robot supports GSM and UMTS channels, with anywhere from eight simultaneous channels to 16 channels. It also features an 8-Gigabyte compact flash capacity for scripting, CDRs, voice and data files storage.

It comes with eight, 12 and 16 ports.

The qualities found in the Mobile Robot have led to it getting the 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award, according to TMCnet.

“The benefits to using this iQsim SIM server are essentially limitless; the command-based interface, which can rapidly integrate other solutions and existing environments; hardware level APIs for better scripting, which includes scripting for voice and data files, CDRs; as many as 16 2G or 3G channels, or a mixture of both; and support for virtual SIM and local SIM modes,” TMCnet reported. “Mobile Robot … allows for configuration that will bring significant advantages to the testing environment.”

To find out more about iQsim, visit the company at ITEXPO Miami 2013, taking place Jan. 29- Feb 1 in Miami, Fla. Visit iQsim in booth #731. 

Edited by Braden Becker