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April 09, 2013

RedShift Networks Provides Security against Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Every day there are more diverse threats to networks – and the cloud is especially vulnerable.

RedShift Networks explains that a solution, Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM), can protect cloud and enterprise environments where there are Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) applications.

The UC&C market is huge. It is expected to reach $30 billion this very year.

In addition, there are new threats to Voice over IP (VOIP) and Video over IP networks. Other risks are Voice DOS (denial of service) attacks, which can shut down thousands of phones in a business. Or, a voice phishing attack can result in millions of dollars in losses.

SPAM attacks over IP Telephony (SPIT), in particular, have led to thousands of phones receiving unwanted ‘advertisement’ calls.

RedShift Networks has created a solution that detects UC&C attacks before they occur.

In a recent interview, Amitava Mukherjee, CEO and cofounder of RedShift Networks, told TMC Managing Editor Stefanie Mosca during ITEXPO Miami, how the company’s next-generation product sits inside a cloud and complements the session border controller and soft switches.

Too often, security is not given enough of a focus, he said.

See their full conversation below.

“Security is sort of an after-thought,” he explained. “When you are first building your phone network you talk about quality of service.”

But there are lots of new applications out there – such as the iPhone, iPod, conferences apps or collaboration apps. They enable attackers to get into networks, especially networks on the cloud.

The news media is filled with stories about nasty attacks through distributed denial of service (DDoS) or botnets – as well.

Many of these need to be considered from a global perspective.

“It’s easier for all these hackers to attack these networks,” Mukherjee told TMCnet. “Attacks are getting more and more sophisticated…The attacks are more acute.”

Edited by Braden Becker