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August 22, 2013

Littelfuse Rolls Out SIDACtor for Robust Protection of Telecom Equipment

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Littelfuse announced the launch of SIDACtor Protection Thyristor, the ultra-low capacitance AC protection thyristor. The new thyristor, available in the SOT23-6 package, is capable of providing robust protection against over voltage for broadband/xDSL telecom equipment without compromising on connectivity and performance. The new product leverages on the silicon crowbar technology, which enables 45% lower capacitance as compared to other conventional products such as TVS diodes.

In a release, Betty Li, Global Product Manager for SIDACtor Protection Thyristor products at Littelfuse, said “The SDP Series SOT23-6 is the lowest off-state capacitance crowbarring component on the market and provides the industry’s quickest surge suppression response. It allows circuit designers to provide much faster suppression response to surges than clamping devices while maintaining signal integrity.”

The newly launched product enables faster response to power surges and ensures reduced over voltage instances to enhance the electrostatic discharge (ESD) and power fault protection. The product is designed for tertiary protection in various telecom devices and other input-output functions. The product is easy to handle owing to its small size and custom designed to be compatible with card designs of high density.

Littelfuse is awaiting patent approval for its silicon crowbar technology; the devices that operate on this technology function as shunt devices to combat surges over and above the break point voltage. These devices, once switched on, route the transient energy away from the circuit as against the conventional clamping devices, which restrict the transient energy to a pre-set value.

The newly unveiled product prevents xDSL driver chip failures through surge over voltage instances with a threshold of up to 29V at 250V/ µs. Additionally, the device provides up to 30A of surge protection in low off-state capacitance while responding to the surges immediately, thus controlling damage, which can triggered by two transient events across a single transformer.

Littelfuse is engaged in the development of power control and sensing devices to provide efficient circuit protection for companies operating in electronics, semiconductor, automotive and other similar industries.

Edited by Ryan Sartor