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September 10, 2013

Silent Circle Addresses Privacy Threat Issues with New Bundled Service Offerings

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Silent Circle recently announced bundled services offerings for customers who use its peer-to-peer encryption platform. The company introduced the bundled offerings to address the growing privacy threat issues prevalent today. Using the new bundle offerings the company’s growing customer base which includes, companies, individuals and government agencies, will be able to effectively secure their communication avenues.  

In a statement, Silent Circle Chief Revenue Officer Spencer Snedecor said, "As demand for our service increases daily, we have updated our service offerings with new bundle options to accommodate customers' secure communications priorities – offering easy to use apps that enable peer-to-peer encrypted calling, messaging and file transfer on employees' smartphones and tablets. Nearing our first full year of operation as the trusted provider of private and secure communications services, our business continues to experience explosive growth as we meet the urgent privacy needs of demanding users in over 100 countries, including government agencies and Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 leaders across defense, manufacturing, aerospace, energy, finance, media, healthcare and many other sectors worldwide."

The company’s peer-to-peer encrypted apps and services do not log user metadata; instead they only manage encryption keys available over various user devices. Silent Circle’s apps comes with a Silent Phone to ensure secure mobile voice and video calls; Silent Text supports encrypted mobile messaging; and "Burn Notice" auto-delete security and encrypted voice and videoconferencing over Windows PCs via Silent Phone for Desktop.

The new bundled service offerings include: Silent Circle Mobile available for business and individuals comes with Silent Phone and Silent Text and is priced at $9.95/month or $99.95/year, per subscriber. Users also have the option of opting for Out-Circle Access available at an additional $23.95/month or $249.95/year, per subscriber; Silent Circle Enterprise available for business customers only comes with Silent Circle Mobile designed with Silent Circle Management Console priced at $139.95/year, per subscriber.

Customers can opt for Out-Circle Access charged at an additional $249.95/year, per subscriber and or opt for Silent Circle Desktop available at an additional $69.95/year, per subscriber; and the Silent Circle Desktop available for business and individuals includes a Silent Phone for Desktop for Windows PCs available at $69.95/year.

Edited by Ryan Sartor