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March 09, 2009

MySpace Bolsters Security with Cloudmark's Web 2.0 Solution

By SIP Trunking Report Editor

Addressing security threats that experts say are rising in this slower economy, a San Francisco-based company today reportedly is helping protect users of a popular social networking site from messaging attacks.

Officials at Cloudmark, Inc., a messaging security solutions provider, say they’re helping MySpace users avoid spam, phishing and virus threats.
Those kinds of attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent as social networks expand, according to Hugh McCartney, chief executive officer at Cloudmark.
“Social networks now generate billions of dollars in revenue and security of these sites is critical to maintaining community membership and protecting returns,” McCartney said. “MySpace’s ongoing work with Cloudmark demonstrates the company’s dedication not only to the safety of its users, but also the long-term success of its site.”
Specifically, MySpace is using the so-called Cloudmark Authority solution to protect its 130 million users from social networking abuse.
Experts tell TMCnet that this recession is raising the likelihood of cyber-crimes.
As TMCnet has reported, Radware Ltd.’s product marketing manager of security, Ron Meyran, says that when the economy slows down and people get laid off, the risk to businesses increases.
“There are more attackers while business profitability becomes critical,” Meyran tells TMCnet. “The main trends in this recession I believe will be an increase of fraud and information theft attempts. As more people get laid off, they will have more time to spend on the Internet and will believe that they can get things for free – a fertile ground for scams and identity theft.”
Officials at MySpace say they’ve taken steps in the last two years to combat spam, phishing and other abusive misuse of their site. Since installing Cloudmark’s technology, MySpace has seen a reduction in spam-based messages with more than 99 percent accuracy and near-zero false positives.
The technology also is designed to help Internet service providers. Here’s how Cloudmark diagrams the Authority solution:
Aber Whitcomb, chief technology officer of MySpace, said the company has “declared a technology war against spammers and phishers.”
“Cloudmark’s technology is another part of our holistic approach to providing users with a safer and more secure online experience,” Whitcomb said. “With Cloudmark’s real-time user feedback tool for new attacks, our community joins our fight against misuse of the site – it’s truly a Web 2.0 security solution.”

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