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April 01, 2009

Avenda Announces Program for Migration from Cisco Access Control Solution to Avenda's eTIPS

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor

Identity-based network security solutions provider Avenda Systems has announced a migration program that allows enterprises to easily shift from Cisco’s access control solutions to Avenda's cost-effective, advanced capability solution, eTIPS.

This news comes as enterprises are finding it more expensive to deploy and manage Cisco's NAC, Identity Based Privilege Networking (IBPN) and Common Identity Framework. Each of these solutions concentrate on different aspects of authenticating a user or a device onto a network, such as identity, network admission control and accounting, as well as managing these various associated entitlements and access controls.
As the number of users increase and the security requirements become more complicated, the number of required devices and management interfaces also increases.
eTIPS, the company claims, it the first multi-function platform for network access security that overcomes past deployment barriers - complexity, compatibility, compliance and cost.
"An increasing number of organizations concerned with supporting security infrastructures made up of multiple components are turning to Avenda to solve their identity and access control challenges," said Ron DiBiase, VP of Sales at Avenda. "The Avenda solution allows organizations to consolidate device functionality and management interfaces into a single platform, while reducing power and space requirements."
A complete identity-based network solution, Avenda's eTIPS policy platform off-loads or replaces any Cisco ACS, Cisco NAC Appliance components, Cisco NAC Profiler, or Cisco Guest Server.
Avenda is now offering the Avenda Migration Program that would assist enterprises in a seamless switchover from Cisco environments to Avenda's eTIPS. Among the features of the program are a trade-in credit for installed devices and a migration service, which includes pre-installation planning as well as rule and policy conversion to allow for a seamless cutover.
TMCnet recently reported that the company also introduced two software releases that will enhance the adoption of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).

Divya Narain is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Divya’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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