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April 16, 2009

Avenda Enhances Network Access Security in its eTIPS Platform

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor

Avenda Systems specializing in identity-based network security announced enhancements to its eTIPS platform which will simplify access to control solutions pertaining to network security.
The company strives to optimize implementation of secure network access and authorization enabling customers to easily control user and endpoint access security.
Avenda has introduced several ease-of-use features in its eTIPS management interface. eTIPS is a policy platform which has built-in AAA, network access control policy reporting components and an intuitive interface which simplifies features of multi-platform solutions.

The features added now include pre-populated policy templates, a policy creation wizard, 3-Click Help-desk navigation, and customizable real-time reporting and analytics views.
Customers stand to gain from four add-on components which provide features for the delivery of broader endpoint health coverage, auto-configuration of .1X, expanded reporting and archiving, and granular sponsor-based guest access. Avenda supports a broad set of platforms including support for MAC OS X. It also ensures that all endpoints meet with enterprise compliance before connecting to the network.
When opting for 802.1X security, customers can depend on Avenda’s capability of delivering auto-configuration of end points. All the new components ensure optimum visibility, simplified 802.1X for users and IT administrators, and enables comprehensive control of guest network access.
The Avenda components includes MacHealth, a NAP based agent which allows organizations to check the health of MAC OS X based devices before adding them to the network.
Quick1X, a centrally managed endpoint configuration wizard is also part of the new components. This reduces user and IT helpdesk troubleshooting when launching 802.1X or Microsoft NAP security enhancements.
It also includes Insight, an interactive reporting and analytics module which provides templates and differentiated user access for role-specific customized views of real-time and historical archived data.
GuestConnect is a complete guest/contractor access module which includes sponsor and self provisioning, batch account creation, customizable portal templates, sponsor activity and audit views.
“As we address customer concerns surrounding network access control we’re finding new opportunities to reduce complexity and enhance their overall security infrastructure,” said Santhosh Cheeniyil, VP of Engineering at Avenda. “The latest Avenda offerings allow customers to deploy emerging access security controls while leveraging existing staff, and network and identity infrastructure.”
The eTIPS solution is a scalable AAA platform which employs identity-based policies for access control, endpoint health and device authorization for wired, wireless and VPN networks.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jessica Kostek