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May 26, 2009

SpotCrime Application Now Available on iPhone for New York City Residents

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor, an online source of crime information, has partnered with Roundhouse Technologies, in order to develop a unique application for iPhone, which can provide updated crime reports of the area - for the safety of New York City residents.

A Baltimore-based entrepreneur David Troy developed an application so called “SpotCrime – Know your neighborhood”, which displays incidents on a Google Map interface with icons that represent numerous crimes such as shooting, robbery, assault, theft, burglary, arson and vandalism.
Now, developed for iPhone as well, the SpotCrime application provides 20 most recent crimes below the map and can also provide details in a list form when the iPhone screen is positioned vertically. For more specific information, iPhone users can click on the icons assigned to each crime, said the company.
The SpotCrime application, in general, provides relevant and immediate crime information in the form of feeds via text or email to residents in all five boroughs of New York City. According to, this application is a mobile police blotter that geo-locates users, scours cop reports, blogs and newspapers for recent criminal activity and then sends out a feed customized to a two mile radius surrounding each registered user’s addresses.
This was possible with online crime mapping services that pulls information directly from city police scanners to publish up-to-date crime reports, thereby offering an integral link that ensures safety throughout the City. Now, these mobile crime maps have been launch with New York City service, said the company.
The SpotCrime application for iPhone can be bought from iTunes App Store marketplace. Consumers without iPhone device can also map their neighborhoods and receive feeds via email or texts. This service can be accessed online.
SpotCrime plans to expand its general service as well as its iPhone application to include more U.S. and international cities in the future.
SpotCrime CEO and founder Colin Drane said, “A presence within the App Store promises to be a fantastic first as our company continues to grow to include more cities and more channels to get this vital crime information to consumers. After our initial testing came back with rave reviews showing that the service was effective and necessary, we decided to roll out service initially in New York, as it is the highest populated U.S. city and serves a wealth of families, professionals and tourists looking to enjoy every day and, of course, the city’s vibrant nightlife safely.”

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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