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September 08, 2009

Astaro to Offer Free Business Firewall for VMware

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Astaro Corporation, a network security vendor, announced recently that it will start offering a Free Business Firewall for VMware - a base license of the Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance.

VMware is a provider of virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. VMware vShield Zones is the company’s new security virtual appliance for the virtual datacenter operating system.

The free VMware firewall is said to offer protection against outside threats and provide control over all communications between virtual machines within an organization's network. The free VMware firewall offered by Astaro comes with the same functionalities and performance as VMware's vShield Zones, however it is free of charge and offers the ability to add additional applications, such as mail and web filtering capabilities, as needed.

Astaro's Free Business Firewall for VMware is said to add enterprise security functions to all VMware vSphere editions, irrespective of the organization's size.

As mentioned by the company official, the free VMware firewall, which offers the base functionality of the Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance using a special license key, will allow such organizations with virtual environments to secure their network from external threats, as well as control and monitor communications between virtual machines.

Added to this, Astaro will also now enable organizations with a free tool for centrally managing multiple Astaro products, the Astaro Command Center, which simplifies the management of an organization's Astaro security products by allowing them to manage, monitor, and configure all installations from a central point.

"While VMware Server has helped many small and medium sized businesses take advantage of virtual environments, the absence of a firewall and the inability to control communications between virtual machines can be a barrier to taking this technology further or expanding into production environments," said Gert Hansen, chief software architect, Astaro Corporation, in a release.

"Astaro wants to ensure all virtual environments are protected from external threats, regardless of the customer's size or resources. We also want to give businesses control over communications between VMware machines. Our Free Business Firewall for VMware will fill this security and communications gap making it easier for customers to secure their virtual environments," added Hansen.

Astaro also mentioned that users who wish to expand the functionality of the free version in order to benefit from advanced enterprise protection, additional security applications can be licensed such as Network Security, Web Security and Mail Security. Reportedly, these features can be added to the configuration at any time and will be instantly activated after inserting a new valid license key.

Jai C.S. is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jai's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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