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March 14, 2011

R&D Despite the Recession: AG Projects Expanding its SIP Client and SIP Server Platform

By Mae Kowalke SIP Trunking Report Contributor

You wouldn’t know there’s a recession going on with a look at the ongoing R&D efforts at AG Projects, a company that’s been dubbed by its customers “the SIP infrastructure experts.”

The company is actively working on a variety of projects, with most effort being focused on two in particular: developing a version of its popular Blink SIP client for Windows and other non-Mac platforms, and maturing its OpenSIPS platform as part of the worldwide server software ecosystem.

In a recent video interview, AG Projects’ founder and CEO, Adrian Georgescu, explained that Blink is often described as the best SIP client available for Mac users. After more than a year of proven performance for Macs, AG Projects decided it was time to bring the advantages of this product to Windows users, too.

The goal, which is admittedly pretty ambitious, is to popularize an open standards-based Skype alternative for Windows, Linux and mobile devices as well as Mac. Blink does VoIP, instant messaging, desktop sharing and file transfers. Video will soon be part of that mix.

AG Projects expects that a full version of Blink for all major desktop platforms will hit the market around the beginning of 2012, and sometime next year a mobile version will be rolled out as well.

The OpenSIPS project has an even bigger scope. AG Projects’ goal is to establish OpenSIPS as the leading, mature SIP server implementation, adopted globally by operators around the world.

Again, that’s an ambitious goal, but one that an innovative company like AG Projects very well might pull off.

“SIP is a moving target,” Georgescu noted in the video interview. “A lot of new features are being added beyond VoIP.”

That’s the key -- looking beyond VoIP. The latest release, OpenSIPS 2.0, is pretty expansive in its capabilities.

“This design accommodates scalability requirements and applications beyond VoIP, along with security and other features customers demand,” Georgescu said. 

AG Projects is confident about its SIP development roadmap because it has proven itself to be a reliable company focused on developing future-proof solutions while simultaneously pushing the envelope. Its target market is Tier 2 operators that want dependable and innovative solutions.

“Our customers are Tier 2s looking to compete against Tier 1s, which typically don’t move as fast and don’t use open source,” Georgescu said in the video interview.

OpenSIPS 2.0 is based on global standards, so it works in any country. The solution, which AG Projects describes as ‘a mature Open Source implementation of a SIP server,’ includes a variety of application-level functionalities along with a customizable routing engine. The platform is designed to efficiently unify IM, presence, voice and video using a scalable design.

For more about global SIP platform development, watch the full AG Projects video interview.

Mae Kowalke is a TMCnet contributor. She is Manager of Stories at Neundorfer, Inc., a cleantech company in Northeast Ohio. She has more than 10 years experience in journalism, marketing and communications, and has a passion for new tech gadgets. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf
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