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August 09, 2011

VoicePulse Launches New Website to Market Better

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

VoicePulse, which has been delivering SIP Trunking and high-quality phone service to residential and business customers, is set to overhaul its website to better represent its offerings, highlight its areas of expertise, and also focus on the extent of its services.

"This new website is the beginning of a wave of innovation happening at VoicePulse,” explained Ravi Sakaria, president and CEO of VoicePulse, in a press release. "We went through a period of reorganization and are now on track to release new products, services and promotions several times throughout the year, every year."

By launching the new website, VoicePulse has made navigation on the site easier and simpler. Visitors are directed to appropriate service offerings through a simple user-friendly interface. The home page now prominently features promotions and has a phone number availability tool.

The residential and business sections have also been revamped and claim to provide comprehensive information about products and services. Competitor comparison tools helps customers to compare and analyze service offerings better.

In order to take care of its reseller and carrier programs, VoicePulse has also added a separate Reseller/Carrier section.

"We are proud to have a new website that better represents what products VoicePulse has to offer, as well as highlights the flexibility and scalability of our services," said Monica Haley, marketing associate at VoicePulse.

VoicePulse is also offering a 30 day trial account to enable prospective customers to get a feel of the high quality services that they can avail of. If they are satisfied, they have the option to convert the trial account into a full paid account.

The VoicePulse America Unlimited plan includes unlimited calling to the US48 and more than 25 powerful privacy and call filtering features. Until the end of August, new residential customers can sign up for this plan by paying $14.99 for the first three months.

In other news, VoicePulse, Inc. announced it has been officially tested and named a verified VoIP operator for Acrobits Softphone app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Acrobits is a privately owned software development company with a focus on mobile software development.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.
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