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April 27, 2012

LG-Ericsson's iPECS-LIK Performs Well During Vintalk SIP Trunking Tests

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

LG-Ericsson USA recently announced the company’s robust IP communications products performed extremely well during the SIP trunking interoperability testing, conducted by Vintalk.

Vintalk is a specialist VoIP-based communications solutions provider based in San Diego and will now offer LG-Ericsson IP communications solutions to all of its clients.

“We’ve been offering VoIP solutions to our clients since 2001, and our business has grown because we stress reliability, quality and economy,” said Jayson Jones, Senior VP of Business Development at Vintalk. “We find all three in the LG-Ericsson USA iPECS-LIK. We hold our solutions to a high standard. LG Ericsson’s iPECS-LIK delivered solid performance and demonstrated outstanding reliability in our SIP trunking testing.”

Vintalk will now be able to use the integrated SIP Proxy Server on LG-Ericsson call servers (50/100/300) and enable SIP functionality seamlessly, without having to obtain any trunking licenses or incur extra costs.

LG-Ericsson SIP Proxy server does not require any third-party appliances, as it is fully integrated and managed from a individual GUI, providing simplicity and reducing the cost of ownership, while at the same time increasing performance and making the most of SIP’s innovative features. 

“Reliability is even more critical than performance, and without performance, communication fails,” said Iain Kenney, LG-Ericsson USA’s Director of Product Marketing. “SIP trunking makes IP networking a viable vehicle for economical broad-spectrum communications. We’re thrilled that Vintalk put our iPECS-LIK pure IP and communications solutions to the test, demonstrating that customers can rely on LG-Ericsson’s IP communications solutions for reliable SIP trunking.”

LG-Ericsson USA is the result of a joint venture between LG-Ericsson and Accton Technology. The company offers solutions that keep information flowing and connections strong for businesses, and provides innovative products that give companies a vital combination of scalability, performance and unique feature sets that remove barriers to the exchange of information.  

Edited by Braden Becker
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