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May 02, 2012

Service Provider Community to Discuss SIP Issues at SIPNOC US 2012

By Kris Holt SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Leaders on the technical side of service carriers and multiple system operators (MSOs), along with stakeholders from the industry, are set to convene for a two-day conference next month.

The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Forum has released a list of registered participants and attendees for the second SIP Network Operators Conference, which will be held in Herndon, VA from June 25-27. The conference, dubbed SIPNOC US 2012, focuses on the challenges and opportunities linked to the deployment of SIP-based services among service provider networks worldwide.

The event will play host to presentations, panels and workshops related to key issues concerning SIP-based services and infrastructure. These issues include the likes of testing, application development, call routing and peering, SIP security, troubleshooting and monitoring, and emergency services.

Senior engineering and operations personnel from a range of companies are on board. Representatives of MSOs, carriers and telecommunications providers from across North America, South America and Europe plan to attend. Those companies include Comcast, IntelliVerse, Sorenson Communications, Time Warner Cable, Telefonica International Wholesale Services, XO Communications, Verizon and Vocalocity.

Additionally, a number of SIP community stakeholders from governments, vendors and research organizations are scheduled to attend. Representatives include those from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Georgetown University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Sangoma Technologies, and Siemens.

The SIPNOC US 2012 agenda and speaker lineup will be revealed at a later date. However, the SIP Forum announced last month that the keynote speaker will be the FCC’s chief technology officer Henning Schulzrinne, who helped shape the key protocols for systems including SIP and voice over IP.

The SIP Forum is an association within the IP communications industry that promotes and advances SIP-based technology through numerous activities. Back in February, the association revealed details of its SIP trunking initiative, SIPconnect Interoperability Testing.

Edited by Braden Becker
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