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May 10, 2012

Digerati Updates its SIP Trunking Services

By Rich Steeves SIP Trunking Report Managing Editor

Across the country, companies are looking to lower costs and implement more scalable communications solutions, including deploying voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology. But a VoIP deployment relies on other related technologies, such as an IP-PBX and session initiation protocol (SIP) technology. Recently, cloud communications provider Digerati updated its SIP trunking service to allow customers to connect to its cloud platform and route their telephone traffic as VoIP.

Digerati, whose services include fully hosted IP/PBX, VoIP transport, SIP trunking, data storage and customized VoIP solutions for specialized applications, has internally pre-certified many premise-based solutions. Some of these IP-PBX solutions include Cisco CM/CMS, ADTRAN, 3CX, snomONE, CudaTel, Swtichvox and other platforms developed from FreeSwitch and Asterisk. These pre-certified solutions are more efficient, flexible and cost-effective when compared to T1/E1 solutions. The internal certification process allows for the provisioning of services by value added resellers, giving guidelines for configuration.

Ken Ryon, senior vice president-of Engineering at Digerati, told, "The progress we have made during our initial phase of certification has provided us with the confidence and procedural knowledge required to move to the next stage of certification. Most importantly, we have laid the foundation necessary to begin scheduling time with the manufactures to complete their certification programs. We have a long list to run through, but our initial shortlist includes Cisco, Panasonic, ADTRAN, Microsoft, ShoreTel, Avaya and snomONE. By utilizing our VARs that are certified resellers of these platforms, we believe we can expedite the lengthier certification programs while certifying some of the smaller software centric IP-PBX providers in parallel." 

Digerati has embraced the VAR strategy, focusing primarily on small-to-medium-sized businesses. It works along with several VARs, including IT compliance consulting firms and communications centers that provide call center support.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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