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May 17, 2012

Acme Packet Shows Off New Tools, Makes SIP Trunking Simpler

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

Acme Packet is currently in the midst of its eighth annual Interconnect customer conference in Miami, and as such, today announced a set of three new solutions geared toward making the process and actions of SIP trunking a whole lot simpler to deal with.

First, out of the gate was their new enterprise session border controller systems. Also called E-SBCs, they're geared toward medium-sized enterprises that need more power than the smaller business but don't want the expense of a larger network. Acme Packet's new E-SBC line can work with both third party hardware and virtual machine environments, as well as running Acme Packet's usual Net-Net operating system for better interoperability, as well as security and reliability.

Second, Acme Packet brought out the SIP Trunk Xpress. SIP Trunk Xpress is a browser-based application that helps make E-SBCs easier to work with in SIP trunking, allowing for automated SIP trunk configuration, as well as remote capabilities, allowing the SIP trunk to be provisioned, modified, and even configured from a network operations center. This means no more needing to send a technician to customers' locations, which saves money, and also saves time, which in turn saves further money.

Lastly, there's the Interop Xpress system. Interop Xpress is geared to work with SIP Trunk Xpress, and when paired, allows SIP trunking services to be both tested and qualified from the same location, and to see how they work with PBX--Private Branch Exchange--and UC--Unified Communications--systems. Those using the Interop Xpress / SIP Trunk Xpress combination should find that their SIP trunk services will ultimately work better with PBX and UC systems, as neither will need much modification to work with SIP trunking following the introduction of those systems.

For those interested in SIP trunking, Acme Packet will offer a variety of services meant to not only get an SIP trunk involved in a current business' operations, but at the same time, allowing for it to intermingle freely with the current workings of that business. Most times, when new equipment or services are installed, there's a loss to the business. Not only is the immediate cost of the business or service a factor, but also the down time associated with the installation and then getting everyone up to speed on how the new system works.

Acme Packet wants to make these as little a problem as possible, which is, in turn, a valuable service for most any business. Saving money--and saving money by saving time--is important to businesses regardless of economic climate, but in a downed economy, it's even more vital that those savings be made.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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