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June 01, 2012

GreatAmerica Looks to Bundle SIP Trunking, Phone Equipment into One Package

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

GreatAmerica Leasing Company recently announced plans to join forces with Telanetix, Inc. to provide Telanetix's AccessLine SIP trunking services alongside GreatAmerica's own business phone hardware.

The move allows GreatAmerica to bill for and collect SIP trunking access charges when users buy equipment from GreatAmerica, providing customers with single-billing service for equipment and its necessary service costs all at once. It also provides AccessLine an easy way to get its service into more businesses.

GreatAmerica also gets an easy way to provide more value to customers by offering consolidated billing and an easier overall experience for businesses, which in turn reduces time spent on accounts payable processing and saves money.

GreatAmerica’s Greg VanDeWalker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, provided extra insight on the value, saying that the firm’s package would represent "a complete communications solution that is easy to understand and conveniently billed in a single invoice."

Meanwhile, AccessLine’s Senior Vice President, Peter Fyhrie, backed up VanDeWalker's statements, describing the alliance as bringing "the savings of AccessLine SIP trunking along with the convenience of a single invoice" and that it "is a great differentiator" in terms of separating it from the variety of potential options in the field.

This move represents an industry first, described as the first ever consolidated phone system lease payment and SIP trunking bill in one, essentially operating much the same way a mobile phone provider would in selling both handset and service plan at once.

While some users may be put off by this, and would rather select their own SIP trunking plan to back up the equipment they've selected, there's little doubt that many companies – especially those just getting started in SIP trunking in general – will welcome having just one bill to handle everything they need to get the program started.

The long-term success of an industry first always remains to be seen, since there's next to nothing to compare it to. But it should give the other phone equipment leasing companies out there pause, and will likely leave many at least considering offering the option to their user base.

Edited by Braden Becker
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