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November 03, 2012

TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review

By Rory Lidstone SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

The SIP trunking sector was once again bustling with activity this week. Here’s a look at some of the top stories from the past week.

First, GL Communications released its latest MC-MLPPP Conformance Tester software, which simulates a complete PPP/MLPPP link between two peers with MLPP signaling conforming to IETF specifications. It also provides call statistics with associated captured events and error events during call simulation.

"GL’s MAPS (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) platform is a general purpose Protocol Emulator for various protocols encountered in the telecom space," said Jagdish Vadalia, senior manager, product development, GL Communications. "MC-MLPPP is one such advanced protocol simulator/tester for Multi Class, Multi Link, PPP protocols over TDM (T1 E1)."

Next, Gigamon launched GigaSMART technology as part of the GigaVUE H Series of fabric nodes. This technology can provide up to 400Gb of processing capacity in the high-end GigaVUE-HD8 chassis.

It can also support a range of GigaSMART applications, enabling deduplication, modification, manipulation and transport of network traffic, as it is delivered to management, monitoring and security tools and systems.

In other news, Lancope, provider of flow-based monitoring solutions, hired Tariq Ahmed as managing director of EMEA and international operations. The company made this appointment to help the expansion of its international channel and revenue base.

"As technology innovation and adoption continue to grow not only across EMEA, but also in emerging markets around the world, organizations far and wide are seeking new means of protecting their networks now and into the future," said Mike Potts, president and CEO at Lancope. "We are excited to have Tariq on board to help more governments and enterprise-class customers around the globe reinforce their security investment with our StealthWatch System."

Lancope made news again with the launch of its StealthLabs Intelligence Center (SLIC) to share global threat research with customers and the public. StealthLabs is a newly formed research group that conducts advanced, in-house security research.

SLIC will be used to share, through a public portal, intelligence gathered about emerging threats via a broad community of third-party experts and partners. It will also be leveraged internally to enhance Lancope's StealthWatch System.

Lastly, Panasonic stated that the plan to shrink its mobile department, especially in Europe, is to go ahead as planned and will likely occur in the coming months. This marks the second time the company had to pull out of the European smartphone market.

However, Panasonic has experienced great success since moving into the SIP phone market last year. As such, it's likely the company will make a SIP phone-focused play at the European market once again sometime in the near future.

That wraps up this week in review. Be sure to check out the SIP Trunking Channel for more news in this sector.

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