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November 09, 2012

Latest Update to Carrier-Grade Solution to Strengthen SIPRoutes Framework

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The market’s first SIPRoutes is currently touted as the most widely adopted and successful cloud-based least cost routing environment available. The latest update to its carrier-grade solution strengthens the SIPRoutes framework and claims to solve the problems that traditional wholesale SIP providers never address.

In addition to giving the user instant access, selection and control over the two most important factors in voice termination – quality and cost – the latest release allows customers access to a suite of business intelligence reporting tools to track many quality statistics.

It also gives IT managers the ability to control how the SIP traffic should be routed in a very detailed and flexible way.

With over a dozen tools and features specifically designed to maximize efficiency and support, users will now get one-click support from call records, micro-level destination blocking, get access to real-time advanced SIP tracing tools and will be better positioned to make decisions based on performance and cost metrics.

Moving to a cloud-based routing application simplifies a least cost routing necessity and eliminates the management of complicated billing policies and contracts.

Commenting on SIPRoutes' SaaS model, Peter Bernstein, senior editor at TMC, said, “What SIPRoutes is offering is a true window on the VoIP world, but with the controls to do a lot more than open and shut to avoid a draft. As a cloud-based carriers’ carrier, they offer space in effect, the best of the hardware guys who make least cost routing and enhancements over other Least Cost Routing service providers using a Software-as- a-Service model.”

SIPRoutes is a service that allows instant access to every major U.S. SIP provider through one platform. The solution can integrate into any existing infrastructure and requires no on-premises hardware, no capital expenditures and no license fees.

As the service and platform encourage transparency, access and control, customers have access to all major vendors in a real-time environment, as well as the tools to manage quality and spend across the carriers of their choice.

Edited by Braden Becker
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