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December 28, 2012

Broadvox Publishes Article on SIP Trunking Failovers

By Raju Shanbhag SIP Trunking Report Contributor

With an increasing number of companies relying on SIP trunking for their communication needs, SIP trunking failure is becoming a serious problem for users.

Failures in SIP trunking operations make a company miss important business communications, and adversely affect the image of the company.

Recently, Broadvox published a new article called Business Continuity with SIP Trunking. The report focuses on the unique options Broadvox offers for failover with their SIP trunking services.

Outage is caused for various reasons, including power outages, unexpected call spikes, loss of connectivity, PBX failures, human error or natural disasters. But whatever the reason, companies always require a way to seamlessly stay up and available their customers.

There are many solutions available for SIP Trunking failover and they can be broadly classified into Call Forwarding and IP Address Forwarding.

Broadvox provides SIP Trunking products such as GO!SIP Trunks, which allow companies of all sizes to save up to 70 percent in comparison to a conventional PRI or analog phone lines.

By managing its redundant voice-optimized network for excellent dependability, safety, and quality of service, the company provides optimal performance.

“Business continuity solutions are an inexpensive and cost effective way to proactively keep your business running despite service interruptions caused by natural disaster, mechanical failure or human error,” said director of Product Management, Mike Gruszka.

Recently, the company introduced an ambitious new promotion for its commercial SIP trunking service, entailing a free five-day installation period. In efforts to improve service on its SIP trunking, the company has also unveiled a 20-percent discount off of the price of each line. Relative to traditional PRIs or analog phone lines, SIP trunking already saves businesses upwards of 70 percent.

Broadvox has been providing VoIP services since 2001 and currently has a private national network.

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Edited by Braden Becker
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