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January 03, 2013

Auto-Provisioning of SIP Phone Improved by Q-Suite 5.7

By Carolyn J Dawson SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Indosoft Inc. has unveiled an enhancement to the Q-Suite 5.7 by extending the auto-provisioning competence of SIP phones to include Polycom and Linksys or Cisco IP phones. Q-Suite’s auto-provisioning has simplified phone registration and administration, benefitting large and distributed contact center implementations utilizing an assortment of hard and soft IP phones. A larger option in choosing a chosen SIP phone is also made available to home and remote agents.

Medium and large contact center operations utilizing Asterisk can now be implemented with the help of the dominant multi-channel software, Q-Suite 5.7. Out-of-the-box, skills based routing, complete-feature queue setup, over-flow administration and sophisticated call routing are provided by this powerful ACD.

IVR, call-flows and Dialplans can be developed with the stylish and strong GUI tool from Q-Suite. Instantaneous and historical reports can be created with the help of Q-Suite, which collects all the required information. Q-Suite also offers supervisor dashboards and wallboards for proficient call center administration.

It is possible for contact center ACD agents inside Q-Suite to operate with either on-hook or off-hook phone modes. In the on-hook mode, the phone will ring for every call, making it ideal for home agents, remote agents and supervisors. Off-hook mode is ideal for regular agent phones in huge volume contact center operations. In this mode, the phone stays connected to the call center ACD managed phone system; with all the received calls being preceded with a beep. The time taken for transferring the calls to the agents is therefore reduced, decreasing the regular caller wait-time in queues.

In a statement, James Terhune, CTO, Indosoft said, “Auto-provisioning with phone registration management is a must for large call center setup. We are constantly expanding SIP auto-provisioning within our call center software to include more phone manufacturers. This will provide Q-Suite based contact centers a wider choice of IP phones. While working as an ACD agent in on-hook mode, supervisors and remote at-home agents can now take advantage of multi-channel phones with advanced features.”

Q-Suite, a major multi-tenant call center ACD and Dialer software suite for Asterisk is developed by Indosoft. For nearly 10 years, Q-Suite offers fixed-price contact center offerings to medium and large call centers worldwide.


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Edited by Brooke Neuman
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