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February 06, 2013

The SIP School Teaches Everything SIP

By Amanda Ciccatelli SIP Trunking Report Web Editor

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol used for communicating between different devices on a company network or across the Internet. For instance, this could be a two-way phone conversation, using VoIP on the LAN or WAN or a SIP trunk across the Internet to a service provider.

SIP provides a way of connecting to a service provider for incoming and outgoing calls over the Internet instead of a traditional telephone connection. 

Today, SIP allows businesses to take full advantage of all of the applications such as video conferencing, presence, and instant messaging that make up unified communications (UC), which has opened up a world of possibilities in how your businesses interact with customers, giving them a richer experience.

But with this intricate technology comes a need for education.

With the growth of SIP, The SIP School was launched five years ago. The SIP School, a SIP training company that teaches people everything they need to know about SIP, prides itself on its ability to provide quality education on SIP and VoIP along with industry recognized Certifications. The school’s primary objectives are to teach not only theory and practice of these subjects, but also to help students gain a greater confidence so that as these protocols evolve; students are not afraid to work with new SIP functionality.

Working with The SIP School can help your business’s staff develop their knowledge in order to be able to support clients with your own products and services.  In fact, a lot of companies use The SIP School’s SIP and VoIP training to complement their own product-specific courses.

“Wherever SIP touches, that is where we train,” Graham Francis, CEO at The SIP School, told TMCnet at ITEXPO Miami last week. 

This year, The SIP School sold 1000 training licenses. “People want to prove to their boss or new employer that they have the in-depth knowledge of SIP,” explained Francis.

Recently, Cisco has added all of The SIP School training and certification products onto its Cisco Learning Network Store, so The SIP School is officially a Cisco Authorized Supplier. This means the school’s reach has grown dramatically while also allowing people who are trying to attain Cisco certifications to study SIP in more depth than they can using Cisco's own materials.  

“We have proven ourselves to be in the lead. There are other companies out there that do classroom training, but we have much more reach with e-learning,” he said.

Its unique position in the space has attracted many customers to its services. In fact, The SIP School has experienced very positive feedback. According to Francis, customers have continuously said that this is the best course they have ever been on, even better than classroom.

“The sip school course I completed was the most in-depth, complete coverage course that I have taken on a subject,” said Steve, MTS Allstream on the SIP School’s website.

“TIA recognizes the SIP School's online program as an excellent, cost-effective and convenient source for both training and certification for IT professionals,” said TIA president, Grant Seiffert.

Additionally, The SIP School trains the SIP manufacturers. “We train the engineers on SIP and push them forward to their own specific products, so they get the whole picture. It also trains service providers who are training their engineers because they are rolling out SIP services,” Francis added.

The SIP School offers its certification tests in a variety of languages including French, Spanish, German and English languages, with more languages to come.

Edited by Braden Becker
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