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March 06, 2013

Ingate Systems' E-SBC Helps NACR in Large-Scale Call Center SIP Trunk Installation

By Arvind Arora SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The arena of Session Initiation Protocol, or ‘SIP’, has been consistently evolving solutions and technologies, aimed at addressing the ever increasing need for better and enhanced telecommunications services.

Enterprise Session Border Controllers offered by Ingate Systems, a provider of enhanced firewall technology solutions, have been selected for deployment within a large-scale call center installation by NACR.

Firewall technology products offered by Ingate Systems allow enterprises to establish a range of global SIP based communication frameworks, such as IP telephony, presence, Instant Messaging, video conferencing, IP-PBX connections and unified communications within their premises. Various retail companies, financial institutions, industrial firms, government agencies and enterprises of all sizes across the continents of Europe, Asia and North America comprise of its client list. With the deployment of the new E-SBC, NACR will be able to deal with the ever rising volume of calls made by the customers.

Ingate SIParator 95 is an advanced E-SBC that integrates secure SIP communication such including SIP trunking and UC applications, and is able to process a maximum of 1,800 voice calls simultaneously, apart from supporting 50 call setups every second.

Previously, a dialer application was being deployed by NACR, which leveraged SIP trunking to process collection calls and was sufficient to handle the relatively small volume of SIP trunks. Gradually, the number of SIP trunks increased a number of times, while the ability to initiate around 30 calls per second became a necessity, while the already existing E-SBC had a maximum limit of 15 calls per second. It led to call denials being forwarded to the dialer that redialed the numbers again, which considerably raised the total call volume and hampered the call throughput as well.

“The customer required a solution ASAP to accommodate the significant increase in call volume,” commented Tom Roel, pre-sales convergence engineer at NACR. “We surveyed the competitive landscape and found that Ingate offered the only cost-effective E-SBC that would commit to the call setup rate. Adding the Ingate was a simple process. The customer loves the ease of administration; the product and the Ingate team are great to work with.”

SIP Proxy enabled within the Ingate SIParator offers protocol normalization and converts TCP to UDP too, enabling a secure and reliable transmission of data. It also offers enhanced features to ensure secure SIP trunk traffic.

In December 2012, Ingate Systems helped a Swedish-based Internet telephony SIP trunking service provider to qualify for connecting Microsoft LyncServer 2010 to its telephony services, by integrating its SIParator SBC into its SIP core.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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