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September 07, 2013

SIP Trunking Report Week in Review

By Rory Lidstone SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

While the first week of September usually means back to school time for the kids, this year it also signaled a rush of activity in the SIP trunking space.

First up, Eastern Management Group (EMG) released the results of a global SIP survey of 17,000 information technology managers and vendors. The survey found that the SIP phone space, as hot as it is, has plenty of room for new players. Specifically, each region around the globe has room for between two and four new phone manufacturers. Most remarkably, new entrants into the market could reasonably expect to reach a market share of 10 percent each.

Next, IntelePeer CoreCloud SIP trunking system received certification with the Allworx communications systems line, which incorporates services and solutions such as IP phones and software, which allow businesses to treat SIP trunking as an OTT service. As such, IntelePeer’s SIP trunking can now be brought into a business’ operations in as little as a week, in turn making it easier to bring in VoIP and unified communications.

In other news, XO Communications introduced session-free pricing for SIP trunking. Put simply, this simplified pricing scheme eliminates session charges for XO Enterprise SIP, the company’s centralized SIP trunking service for multi-location organizations. As such, according to XO Communications VP of Marketing, Jake Heinz, customers need only select their port speed, long distance package and additional features when ordering the service.

Meanwhile, on the security side of the market, Absolute Software this week released its second annual Absolute Endpoint Security Report. This report is based on trends from over 12,000 stolen device investigations from around the world. According to the report, both end users and device thieves are more mobile as many recoveries occur in a different country or continent from where the device was originally stolen.

Lastly, SolarWinds upgraded its VoIP & Network Quality Manager, enabling businesses to connect call issues with WAN performance for more advanced troubleshooting. Indeed, this latest version provides users with an in-depth view of all aspects of both VoIP and WAN performance through search and filtering of call detail records and call management records.

That’s all for this week, but check out the SIP Trunking Report for more news in this space.

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