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October 25, 2013

Broadcom Intros System-Level Vector Processor for Eliminating Crosstalk Interference

By Nathesh SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The newly announced Broadcom system-level vector processor (VP) solution should enable DSL networks to function properly without being affected by any type of crosstalk interference, which in turn should help operators seamlessly deliver higher-speed internet, IPTV and mobile broadband services.

The Broadcom BCM65500 is capable of helping fixed line operators reap enhanced performance benefits from their current residential copper network infrastructures. It also brings down the cost and power of G.vector for the highest-density systems.

According to Broadcom, its BCM65x00 family of Central Office SoCs can maximize capacity including throughput and data rates on infrastructure equipment and extend the value and reach of broadband services to more households by leveraging Broadcom’s own standards-compliant VDSL2 technology and existing knowledge base of real-world deployments.

The new BCM65500 enables services with throughput well over 100 Mbps downstream from any port of standard xDSL chassis of up to 384-lines, and supports crosstalk cancellation of up to 96 lines. It does not demand any external vector processor memory and integrates all 10G-KR interfaces which will only lead to reduced bill-of-materials, size and power consumption.

Broadcom claimed that its technology accurately estimates and significantly reduces crosstalk noise emanating from subscriber lines by processing feedback information from receivers located at the customer premises.

“G.vector technology enables global operators to deliver high-bandwidth broadband services quickly, easily and cost-effectively by extending the performance of existing copper infrastructures,” said Greg Fischer, vice president and general manager of Broadcom Carrier Access. “Our new system-level vector processor, utilizing Broadcom’s field-proven G.vector technology and our unique DSL expertise, offers system OEMs a comprehensive solution to support the continued growth of DSL and FTTN services.”

In related news, Broadcom recently unveiled new HEVC chipsets to proliferate UltraHD subscriber hardware and content, and Broadcom StrataConnect VoIP switch SoC made its official debut.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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