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October 25, 2013

GC Services to Deploy Castel Detect

By Rahul Arora SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Castel Communications, LLC, a Buffalo, NY-based company that offers call center solutions, recently announced that Detect, the company’s real-time voice and speech analysis solution, has been selected by GC Services Limited Partnership, a business process outsourcing provider. GC will install the solution in its network of call centers during the 4th quarter of 2013.

Castel says that its Detect solution enables businesses to immediately monitor and detect the presence and frequency of words, phrases, emotions, and talkover. The solution provides immediate analysis of call to agent and management teams while the call is still live. Also, a post-call analysis is also available through a reporting application. The quick analysis on the call ensures brisk identification of any issues or risks, allowing management to intercede on calls requiring their attention while the customer is still on the line.

The recently launched version of Castel Detect provides interactive and intelligent communication insight for policies and procedures, training, monitoring and corrective action. With its advanced technology, Castel Detect helps call centers avoid incidents of customer dissatisfaction, non-compliance, liability exposure and more.

Frank Taylor, president and CEO of GC Services, said that the solution from Castel will enable them to monitor, manage and improve the conversations with customers. According to Taylor, the quick analysis provided by the solution will help the agents to deliver excellent customer engagement on every telephone communication.

“It provides critical and cutting edge controls that will heighten our compliance initiatives, ensure our on-going compliance with collection laws, and enhance our ability to meet our clients' rapidly changing requirements,” Taylor added.  

"Our partnership with GC Services is a win-win for both organizations", said Rachid Cheaib, CEO at Castel, in a statement. "Similar to GC Services, Castel is not a cookie-cutter operation. Our clientele require customized solutions for their continued success."

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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