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November 08, 2013

Comverse Showcases Innovative Solutions For Telecom Business At AfricaCom 2013

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Comverse announced that the company will showcase services and solutions that will drive the future telecom business for communication service providers (CSPs). The company will highlight the technologies and delivery models to generate optimum value from the existing network infrastructure through various presentations at that AfricaCom 2013 event scheduled for the second week of November in Cape Town.

Comverse’s VIP lounge at the event will showcase presentations to enable CSPs to migrate to IP/4G to capitalize on digital lifestyle services. The company will also present two sessions at the event titled - Practical Steps to Achieve an Engaging Customer Experience and Optimize the 4G/IP/Digital Customer Experience for African Markets.

In a release, Denis Bernaert, Senior Vice President & Managing Director for EMEA region at Comverse, said: “With Africa going digital and mobile broadband usage soaring, the telecommunication revenue and growth opportunities in this region are unparalleled. Comverse helps CSPs evolve to IP/4G seamlessly, enabling them to preserve traditional revenues while moving to monetize lucrative digital lifestyle services and expanding into new business models. With more than 75 deployed solutions generating significant value for African CSPs of all sizes across the continent, and with decades of IT and network expertise, Comverse is a longstanding trusted partner for African CSPs meeting the challenges and opportunities of today's digital world.”

The African market for digital content and services has witnessed a steady growth in the recent years with the number of subscribers increasing across both the enterprise and consumer sectors. In line with the growing demand in the industry, Comverse has developed advanced solutions for enabling convergence and transformation to enhance reliability, effectiveness and provide value-added services. The CSPs can leverage the existing infrastructure network to provide IP/4G enabled services to improve user experience and marketing agility to develop new business models.

Comverse’s portfolio of advanced services and solutions include Professional Services, Billing and Active Customer Management, and Policy, Digital and Value Added Services, which open up new avenues for CSPs to monetizing data services and tapping social media while delivering high-quality communication services by moving towards the IP/4G concept.

Comverse provides enterprise class telecom solutions for CSPs to deliver world-class services through innovation and data monetization. The company’s customers include more than 450 CSPs across 150 countries reaching more than 2 billion subscribers.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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