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December 06, 2013

Altitude Software Announces vBox 5

By David Delony Contributing Writer

Altitude Software, a provider of customer interaction solutions, has announced the release of the enterprise-grade SIP server Altitude vBox 5.

“Altitude vBox has been winning market recognition as a free, open and reliable SIP server software designed for contact centers’ business needs" said Miguel Lopes, marketing vice president at Altitude Software. "Altitude vBox 5 new architecture scales up to thousands of users, while specifically optimized for contact center usage. It now helps improve the customer experience with features such as click-to-call and integrated recording.”

vBox is based on the highly popular Asterisk VoIP PBX software. Like Linux, the open source operating system kernel that inspired it, Asterisk can be customized to an amazing degree, with programmers able to add features thanks to the ability to modify the source code.

Altitude has modified Asterisk to serve in a customer service role. For example, Altitude vBox 5 includes an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). The ACD, as the name suggests, transfers calls to available customer service agents.

The new version also includes an optional embedded softphone. This means that a company can invest less money on physical phones and simply plug headsets into PCs that customer service agents are using.

Altitude vBox 5 also includes least-cost routing and click-to-call functions. A business can include this button on its website. The customer can click the button and connect to customer service immediately, without having to fumble for a phone. In customer service, the easier it is for customers to get in touch, the better.

The new version also includes enhanced customer service coaching and recording. Managers can see how their call center workers are actually interacting with customers and intervene, preventing unhappy customers. Consumers are also recording customer service calls on their own, and it only takes one bad interaction to go viral and damage a company’s reputation.

All of these features are also bundled in an GUI interface, and the system is designed for scalability and reliability.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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