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December 12, 2013

Zultys Launches MXvirtual - the Enterprise Class Cloud UC Solution

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Zultys announced the launch of MXvirtual, an enterprise class cloud-based Unified Communication (UC) solution, which can be seamlessly deployed on the existing VMware infrastructure framework. The new solution features all the extensive features available in premise-based MX systems from Zultys. MXvirtual has been approved as VMware Ready virtual appliance with Zultys being VMware Technology Alliance Partner.

Many organizations are opting for server consolidation by moving business critical applications over the cloud to generate cost savings and ensure business continuity. However, moving telecommunication systems to the cloud meant a huge compromise on many features or incurring high costs on deploying multiple servers to secure all features. MXvirtual is designed to address this very specific problem being faced by large organizations as well as Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

MXvirtual provides the comprehensive solution for businesses and channel partners to offer UC services within a single packaged application. The newly launched solution is highly scalable and is termed as the ideal solution for large organizations to accommodate thousands of users on a single cloud based server.

The customers can choose either the server-level redundancy feature for all time availability of critical applications or opt for MXnetwork Redundancy feature, where a different MX system will be deployed to take over MXvirtual’s function in the event of a business critical emergency. MXvirtual is designed to replicate the functions of a physical MX system and is capable of consolidating around 128 systems when deployed over the company-wide MXnetwork.

Zultys is engaged in the design and development of comprehensive UC solutions enabling organizations of all sizes to deploy the advantages of cloud technology and collaboration. The company’s IP phones effectively consolidate video, voice and data with mobile technology to deliver seamless collaboration in either a premise-based infrastructure or a cloud-based network.

Zultys’ comprehensive UC solutions deliver best-in-class features combined with high reliability and extensive scalability. The MX systems from the company can either be deployed as a stand-alone system or integrated within the existing VMware infrastructure to reduce complexities and costs associated with deployment and management of the networking infrastructure.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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