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December 16, 2013

Velocity VoIP Launches Caller ID Feature by Adopting CNAM Service

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Velocity VoIP announced the roll-out of a caller ID feature for its clients in the wholesale and retailing sector by integrating CNAM service with PortaSwitch Procinctus. PortaOne, a long-term business associate of Velocity VoIP, partnered with OpenCNAM to allow for OpenCNAM database to be accessed from within PortaSwitch. The development fortifies Velocity VoIP’s commitment to offer advanced solutions to its customers for gaining a competitive edge at reduced costs.

“Our reseller clients are always looking for ways to grow their business,” said Jason Silverman, director of sales at Velocity VoIP. “Caller ID is not new—but the need to offer it quickly, on a customer-by-customer basis, has become very important. We realized we needed a strategy for offering CNAM products through all our underlining carriers and CLEC relationships, in a way that is economical for them—and for us. Thanks for PortaOne and OpenCNAM, we're now offering CNAM on all of our products. That lets us, and our clients, reduce cost and get a competitive edge.”

CNAM (Caller Name Delivery) service enables users to view caller name and number of an incoming call and integrating this service into an existing telecom infrastructure is simplified by OpenCNAM. The OpenCNAM capability, now available within PortaSwitch, will enable businesses to easily adopt CNAM service and also enable service providers like Velocity VoIP to offer competitive products to its customers. OpenCNAM is a web service solution to integrate Caller ID feature into the telecommunication infrastructure as well as in fraud prevention and CRM applications across various industries.

Andriy Zhylenko, chief technical officer at PortaOne, added, “The ability to access the OpenCNAM database is physically integrated into PortaSwitch, eliminating the need for additional installation. Once a service provider contracts with OpenCNAM, all that is required is to activate the OpenCNAM option on the PortaSwitch configuration interface. The entire process takes a few seconds.”

Velocity VoIP is engaged in offering hosted VoIP infrastructure and associated solutions to various businesses with special focus on wholesale and retailing sector.

PortaOne is engaged in the development of software solutions for the telecom and utility sectors. PortaSwitch and MetroBilling, the proprietary offerings from the company form an integral part of the infrastructure set-up for more than 380 telecom service providers and telecommunication companies across the world.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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