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January 03, 2014

Mobile VoIP Service to Soar in 2014 - Predicts Epik Networks

By Meenakshi Shankar SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Communicating is getting better and better each day. Calling and conversing is becoming easier with huge options. But, several businesses are seeking solutions that will help them get rid of the increasing communications costs, rising cell phones bills bundled with long contracts, long-distance charges, high roaming fees and overage minutes and so on.

VoIP can be the right solution for this, says Epik Networks, a provider of VOIP and Internet services in Toronto. With voice over IP through a mobile device, users can experience the plethora of capability available to communicate. Mobile VoIP is the new catch in this arena which offers the potential for unlimited voice calls.

Epik Networks has predicted that the emergence of mobile VOIP service providers in 2014 will begin a bold new trend in helping businesses reduce their phone costs, and create more streamlined communications solutions.

“Traditional phone systems and rigid carrier plans are on their way out, certainly for smart businesses across North America,” said Claudio Nespeca, VP Operations & Marketing at Epik.

Nespeca also emphasized that the benefits and advantages of VOIP are now well known and widespread with early adopters giving way to mainstream businesses. According to Nespeca, VOIP has become the nervous system of the business world.

 “As 2014 sees the emergence of VOIP providers offering mobile applications that give businesses a sustainable alternative, coupled with the proliferation of faster networks and WIFI hotspots, businesses will be able to look forward to the ability to reduce costs and simplify management of communications services,” said Nespeca.

Mobile VOIP service providers can now offer multiple services in one package for office landline and work-provided cell phones. This would reduce costs of having multiple lines and interoffice long distance charges and streamline cell phone expenses. With simple VoIP applications, smartphones can become a portable extension of the office network, says the company.

In the meantime, predictions are going on for the launch of VoLTE – Voice over LTE way in 2014. According to experts, this technology promises to energize both mobile operators and vendors. With this high quality solution, businesses may no longer need any fixed voice services.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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