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January 09, 2014

Convergia Offers Free Consultation to Get Users Started with Avaya Video Conferencing

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

One of the biggest moves in tech these days is the rise of video conferencing. Many users are discovering the value in this system, in terms of both keeping users better connected—whether those users are within one business or working between two businesses—and in terms of outright saving money in terms of keeping users better connected. Doing more with less is a popular idea these days, but getting started with video conferencing can be a difficult proposition. That's part of why Convergia is looking to offer up free consultations to help business users get started with Avaya video conferencing and unified communications (UC) systems.

Convergia offers several such services to users, including things like Avaya Live Engage, Scopia XT Video Conferencing, Avaya Aura Conferencing and Meeting Exchange, the kinds of things that businesses can derive a great deal of use from if the tools can be put to use properly. But since these are too many new tools that aren't immediately understood, Convergia is bringing out a little extra help in the form of experts that understand the technology well and can help businesses reach that kind of understanding.

Convergia's president, Alejandro Bitar, offered up some explanation on the matter, noting that the company's consultants could not only help provide understanding about how to put the new technology to work, but also could offer up ways to find “...the most efficient and cost-effective video conferencing tools and solutions to meet their needs.”

It's a smart idea in no uncertain terms. Convergia is essentially focusing on marketing here with a single-minded drive that's enviable in some ways. Basically, by putting in consultants to better familiarize businesses with not only the benefits of video conferencing, but how simple it can be to set up and use video conferencing tools—like the Avaya line of tools that Convergia can offer—it not only puts these powerful and valuable tools in more hands, but it also puts Convergia and Avaya front-of-mind when it comes to deciding who will provide the tools in question to the businesses that need these tools in place.

It's an emphasis on customer service, not only offering the desired tools but providing the necessary education to ensure that the businesses in question get the most out of these tools. With video conferencing tools not only offering that all-important connection—which is so useful when it comes to collaboration and sharing information that can result in important breakthroughs, new products, and new ways to conduct old business—but also offering it at a greatly reduced overall cost as compared to things like business travel, it's clear that there's a lot of room here for companies to take advantage and offer a needed product to a market that's eager to get hands on said product. That's the perfect opening for Convergia, and by extension Avaya, to step in.

There's a lot to be said for offering terrific customer service, and while Convergia's bottom line may take some hits with this approach, there's also plenty of room for it to do quite well with it in the longer term.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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