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January 10, 2014

Operators' Strategies Will Likely Change to Increase Revenue

By Ed Silverstein SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Late last year, Movius Interactive Corporation released an Over the Top (OTT) solution called myIdentities. It let telco operators earn up to 20 percent more average revenue per user (ARPU). The solution also let mobile service providers find new revenue sources by charging for additional lines.

Also, it uses current networking and billing infrastructure and provides personal communications services. In addition, it provides customers multiple identities. Each one has separate data, messaging and voice on a single mobile device. It also offers split billing. Other OTT solutions use data Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), while myIdentities uses either circuit switching or data for voice and SMS communications.

In addition, myIdentities offers users control, mobility and privacy, the company said. Consumers can use an anonymous or temporary number for classifieds, dating services, roaming or social networking, the company adds. Also, the myIdentities Business solution gives small- or medium-sized businesses call log, contact lists, voice and voicemail options for mobile devices.

"Now with this application, which has a slick user interface and easy to use functionality, service providers will be able to access this extra revenue stream easily," Jose Romero, vice president of Product Strategy & Marketing at Movius Interactive Corporation, said in a statement.

Look at these industry trends. Recent predictions said operators will likely lose $23 billion in SMS revenue by 2018. Also, the Android operating system is now letting users select their own default texting app. Therefore, service providers will need to find new revenue sources this year, the company said.

"Telco operators must now look at using their existing infrastructures to offer end users a unique experience which cannot be offered by OTT players," Romero said in a CIOL statement. "Unlike most OTT applications, myIdentities harnesses the use of subscribers' existing address books, giving them a more personal, secure and accessible method of communication and empowering them for the first time to address multiple aspects of their lifestyles on one handset."

Telco operators have launched their own value added services applications, such as Joyn and Tu Me. But they could not compete against apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage.

"With myIdentities, carriers can give end users value-added services which match the needs of today's modern consumer, whilst also boosting revenues," Romero said.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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