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January 22, 2014

PanTerra Launches First Cloud-based File Sharing Service to Provide Huge TCO Benefits

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

PanTerra Networks announced the launch of the first cloud-based file sharing service featuring built-in unified communications (UC) capabilities to offer huge benefits on total cost of operations (TCO) for enterprises operating in mid-markets. The new service, called SmartBox, integrates various cloud services on a single platform allowing users to securely store, sync and share files while also providing reliable communication and collaboration capabilities. The unprecedented reliability and superior quality of service combined with high security offered by SmartBox secures users on an enterprise’s network whether connected from office, home or through any other internet enabled device.

In a release, Arthur Chang, Chief Executive Officer at PanTerra Networks, said, “There has been little innovation in the file-sharing and unified communications spaces in recent years. Collaboration happens on multiple levels, and while new store, sync and share technologies have added some enhancement features, there's still a huge gap in the market to create IT solutions that impact the top line and truly give businesses a competitive edge. With SmartBox, we've combined the best of both the cloud file sharing and unified communications worlds to create a truly powerful, game-changing solution for mid-market enterprises.”

The launch of SmartBox is considered a major breakthrough in the cloud service space, where users were required to pay for each of the services individually, which now come as an integrated package, eliminating various overhead costs. SmartBox detects real-time presence of a user on the network and sends out notification when a shared file is downloaded and allows for initiating instant collaboration using instant messaging, email, phone call, desktop sharing or web/video conference capabilities, all from within the application.

Appreciating the SmartBox service, Russ Withers, managing director with GJ Tunes, said, “The combination of sharing and cloud storage services with collaboration and real-time unified communications has significantly streamlined our business and reduced our administration and infrastructure costs. Having a single service and cloud access from anywhere saves human hours on administrative functions and troubleshooting issues with noticeable productivity gains for staff and users across the company.”

PanTerra Networks is engaged in providing innovative services in the unified cloud service space. The company’s solutions are offered under WorldSmart, the unified cloud services suite offering high reliability and security.  

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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