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January 29, 2014

IPsmarx Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

By Michael Guta SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Although we live in a very connected world and have access to information 24/7, we can't know everything. With so many products and services being introduced every day, it is almost impossible to know what is out there unless it receives the right recognition from users and experts alike. The VoIP application Breeze from IPSmarx Technology, Inc. received such recognition from TMC, a global, integrated media company, with the 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award.

IPsmarx Technology, Inc. provides softswitch, billing and prepaid solutions for IP service providers. The company's platform includes Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches, a SIP-based prepaid calling card and PINless platform, custom branded mobile applications, SIP trunking, and a multi-tenant IP-PBX platform with integrated billing and e-commerce. The solution it provides gives individuals and startups the opportunity to establish a high growth business using readily available resources.

As the number of smartphone ownership continues to increase around the world, mobile VoIP will also grow. The Breeze platform allows Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to provide VoIP solutions across smart mobile devices and operating systems including Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8 Phone and iOS phones and tablets. The solution also provides essential tools such as integrated billing, reporting, call routing and carrier management to give ITSPs a comprehensive platform for delivering a top of the line VoIP service to their customers.

IPsmarx Technology supports VoIP service providers in more than 68 countries. The company has been providing VoIP solutions since 2001 by helping providers with technical training, support and a reliable billing platform.

The VoIP solutions IPSmarx provides ITSPs include:

  • Integration of all VoIP Services all-in-one platform
  • Compatible with SIP/H323 standard boxes (Cisco, Quintum, Nextone, Linksys, Grandstream,  Sipura, and many others)
  • Support all available codecs: G729,G723, G711 a, G711 u , H264, H264 (Pass-thru Mode)
  • Support protocol conversion (SIP to H323 and H323 to SIP)
  • Support all DTMF Mode (In-band, Out-band, RFC2833)
  • Scalability and reliability
  • Calling card solution add-on module

"Juniper Research expects there will be one billion mobile VoIP subscribers by 2017. Our Mobile VoIP Application Breeze is designed to enable our clients to capitalize on this growing demand and ensure business continuity in an evolving market," said IPsmarx CEO Arash Vahidnia.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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