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February 05, 2014

RingCentral Revamps Telephone Systems at Dynasplint

By Calvin Azuri SIP Trunking Report Contributor

RingCentral Inc. announced the deployment of its RingCentral Office solution at Dynasplint providing increased flexibility and connectivity for Dynasplint’s distributed workforce. RingCentral Office includes voice, video and data services including fax, text and conferencing capabilities coupled with HD video conferencing for businesses. RingCentral emerged as the ideal choice for Dynasplint given the company’s quick implementation process and unprecedented technical support.

In a statement, John Ballard, IT Director at Dynasplint, said, “We were in the middle of a weekend scheduled data center move off-site, when I realized that our on-premises Microsoft OCS system was having technical issues and wouldn’t be running by office hours come Monday morning. Luckily I had signed a contract with RingCentral, and had phones already delivered. We called our RingCentral representative, and our 60-day project plan to onboard 197 users happened in 12 hours.”

Following the development, Dynasplint replaced its legacy telephony systems, which required regular maintenance as well as increased the company’s dependency on hardware. RingCentral Office, a cloud-based platform, provides an economical alternative to the conventional on-premises phone systems while providing additional features. Additional features include seamless integration with the other cloud applications within an enterprise’s infrastructure while eliminating the on-premises telephone hardware systems.

Speaking of the experience with RingCentral, Ballard continued “Our relationship with our RingCentral representative is phenomenal: we called on a Sunday and were able to get all of our phones up and running to the point where we had 95 percent productivity from a voice perspective by Monday morning. By switching to RingCentral, we have found a solution across our company that can unify our 100 remote employees, that has excellent voice quality, easy administration, and a solution that employees love.”

The RingCentral MobileApp, an integrated feature within RingCentral Office enables employees of Dynasplint to seamlessly collaborate with each other using. RingCentral MobileApp features in-built company directory of contacts and enables employees to manage personal preferences without any support from IT team.

RingCentral is engaged in providing cloud-based business communication solutions enabling organizations to improve collaboration between their on-premises and remote workforce. 

Edited by Alisen Downey
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