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February 20, 2014

Say Goodbye to Eavesdropping - snom, Secusmart Have You on Hold

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Security consistency is a top IT concern, and snom, the developer of IP desktop business phones, and Secusmart, which stoutly advocates anti-tapping protection, realize that only too well. That’s why they got together to figure out a way to secure business phones from eavesdroppers.

Even as the publicity around the German chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone tapping scandal is slowly dying down, Berlin-based snom and Secusmart came out with the SecuGATE LV1 snom edition that uses the Secusmart security card to prohibit voice traffic from being hacked or intercepted.

With the SecuGATE LV 1 snom edition, another layer of protection has been added to governments and enterprises that are entrusted with sensitive and important data, hopefully ensuring that voice communications at all levels is secure.

Once the encrypted smart card is inserted into a slot on the snom telephone, it automatically prevents phone calls from being tapped. The first snom phone to feature the security feature will be the snom 760, an executive-level phone with a color display, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB ports, HD audio and 16 multifunction keys.

The SecuGATE LV1 snom edition comes on the heels of the security provider’s SecuSUITE technology, which was used to protect mobile communication (Blackberry 10) in German government ministries from eavesdropping operations.

Voice communication is no less sensitive than documents stored on a server. snom and Secusmart are ensuring that all forms of corporate information, including voice, are safeguarded against hackers. The current partnership with snom allows Secusmart to expand its focus for anti-tapping protection from mobile communication to landline communication.

Enterprises and governments are prepared to go to great lengths to protect their data from hackers and cyber criminals, and now, more than ever before this is becoming more possible.

“It’s important to safeguard enterprise voice communications at all levels and on all devices,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, chief operating officer of snom technology AG. “This solution ensures that voice data is secure from hackers.”

With Gartner predicting that the worldwide market for security technology and services is expected to reach $86 billion in 2016, Secusmart will get an opportunity to prove how effective their recent efforts in anti-tapping are.

“Smart security, smart privacy for smart business phones”—smartly accomplished by Secusmart.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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