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February 26, 2014

vMobile is a Game Changer for the Mobile Office, Mobile Providers

By Michelle Amodio SIP Trunking Report Contributor

We’re slowly becoming a wireless world, so much that we’re needing our office desks less and less. As the mobile device gets smarter, so, too does the technology that these devices employ. Gone are the days of needing to be at the office for a 9am conference call. Nowadays, work can happen anywhere you have a smartphone.

VoIP technology provider Vitelity is throwing its name into the mobile technology hat with its vMobile service. What makes this service stand out amongst other mobile VoIP technologies is its ability to integrate between a vMobile-enabled smartphone and any SIP-enabled PBX telephone system. Essentially, it’s putting the PBX right in the palm of your hand, literally. What’s more, vMobile doesn’t require a third-party app to function, and can function in the absence of an Internet connection.

“This is true mobile convergence with your existing SIP-compliant PBX system,” explains Vitelity’s Chris Brown at TMCnet’s ITEXPO Miami. “When you place a call, it goes over the mobile operator’s network, gets routed to Vitelity where it is converted to a SIP session, and is then routed immediately to your corporate PBX as a SIP peer.”

Vitelity was a recent Best On-site Launch Winner at TMCnet’s ITEXPO Miami.

Analysts and experts agree that as businesses look to increase efficiency while cutting costs, not to mention move away from rising mobile phone costs, long contracts and traditional plans will be a thing of the past. vMobile touts serious bill cutting; up to 75 percent or more. Staying on Wi-Fi means you save that much more. The technology is simple. When you’re on Wi-Fi, all of your calls are delivered to your phone system over the Internet at no charge to you. If your Wi-Fi signal degrades or you walk away from your wireless router, your phone seamlessly moves to the cellular network without disconnecting your call.

While a smartphone is no replacement for a fully functioning computer, with vMobile, it’s certainly becoming a solid replacement for a business phone system. This opens up options so that businesses can set up virtual offices. Having a virtual office setup is beneficial for many reasons, including low overhead, convenience, efficiency and flexibility. Virtual office programs and solutions have helped many business owners see an increase in their productivity while affording them the experience of a traditional office.

What this means for Vitelity resellers and channel partners is a competitive edge in the flooded smartphone market. Resellers can incorporate vMobile into their portfolio of solutions, giving their customers an attractive solution to cut costs while adding dollars to their bottom line.

“The integration of the PBX system and the vMobile smartphone increases the efficiency of our resellers’ customers by allowing them to use their PBX functionality whether they are in the office, on the road, or working from home," noted Scott Navratil, executive vice president, Vitelity in a press statement.

The mobile phone has become the center of the virtual office, which begs the question, will it be the main attraction for all virtual offices? vMobile can make that happen, for both users and its channel partners. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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