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March 10, 2014

How Can You Go Mobile When All Your Functionality is on Your Desk Phone?

By Susan J. Campbell SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor

A quick look around the global enterprise and it’s clear that voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has arrived as the preferred communications platform. Companies are streamlining communications, fighting for lower costs and better integration between platforms and applications. At the same time, mobility is gaining momentum and these same companies are trying to figure out a way to effectively blend corporate communications.

Vitelity is one VoIP technology provider working to try and make this integration a smooth reality. The company recently announced the availability of vMobile, a service that delivers complete integration between the vMobile smartphone and any SIP-enabled PBX system. Once in place, companies can enjoy access to a complete PBX feature set, regardless of their location.

According to Vitelity, vMobile is the first service or product that delivers this level of integration without needing Wi-Fi, data, call-forwarding or to download apps. All functionality and integration has been designed as native to the vMobile smartphone. This capability means the user doesn’t have to be tethered to a desk phone or even a smartphone to complete the desired communications.

Both platforms can be used to park, transfer or pickup calls, secure internal conferencing, participate in call queues, monitor and record for quality and training purposes, dial interoffice extensions and even analyze call reporting. Plus, vMobile allows the user to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi, ensuring they can optimize access for their users. This technology enables customers to cut communications spending by as much as 75 percent when using a typical carrier plan.

This access gives channel partners and resellers the right positioning to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the smartphone market. Those users actively looking for smartphone solutions can investigate resellers who incorporate vMobile into their full product portfolio to take advantage of the opportunities in this space. Resellers can sell on efficiency and users are drawn to the increased productivity and integration capabilities.

Mobility, when adopted by the enterprise, is supposed to improve flexibility. That flexibility is quickly turned into complexity if the user can’t access all of the same capabilities with a smartphone that he or she enjoys while in the office. vMobile aims to change this trend, allowing users to derive all the desired benefits from going mobile without complicating the issue. By streamlining access across platforms, it no longer matters where the user is located as the task at hand can easily be completed.

To share its latest innovations and interact with other industry leaders, Vitelity was recently on-hand at ITEXPO. TMCnet’s Rachel Ramsey caught up with them on the show floor for a chat. To catch the full story, check out the video below.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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