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March 11, 2014

Selecting the Right VoIP Mix One Key Issue for Resellers

By Mae Kowalke SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is quickly emerging as the calling technology of the future, as businesses and consumers alike are switching to VoIP for its low-cost calling, integration with company databases, flexibility, and larger feature set.

Mobility is a particular advantage of VoIP, as it enables employees to take calls whether in the office, on the road or at home; unlike traditional office phones, VoIP can route to any existing phone or computer with an Internet connection.

The growing popularity of VoIP presents an opportunity for value-added resellers, as the technology is relatively easy to use but can be confusing to set up. There also is the question of how to effectively put together the right VoIP system for a business, opening the door for resellers to deliver needed telecommunications expertise to their customers.

One company that is making it easier for VoIP resellers is 888 VoIP. The company is a leading distributor of VoIP solutions, technologies, and equipment that is geared specifically to the reseller market.

Resellers that partner with 888 VoIP benefit from training and education through online videos tutorials, manufacturer-sponsored webinars and local events. The company provides qualified leads, sales, and marketing support, too.

But one of the most important services 888 VoIP provides is direction on how to put together the technologies from various vendors into a single integrated solution that resellers can then offer their customers.

“What we really are doing is bringing a complete solution together, and that’s what we offer to our reseller customers,” John Molino, CEO of 888 VoIP, told TMCnet during ITEXPO in Miami this past January. “They are able to go in and sell a complete solution to their customers.”

There are many competing VoIP solutions, and the experienced engineers at the company have gone through the task of sorting through the various offerings and coming up with components that not only are industry-leading, but also work together well.

The offerings the company helps provide include technology from VoIP leaders such as Yealink, Patton, and others.

“These products are fantastic because not only are they great working together, but we consider them best of breed,” noted Molino. “They all work together, we’ve vetted them out and aggregated them together into a complete solution.”

And when it comes to a crowded market segment such as VoIP, this aggregation becomes quite useful.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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