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April 04, 2014 Identifies Three Top VoIP Fax Providers

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

In an age where everything seems to be going digital, faxing (an inevitable part of the corporate environment) also needs to keep pace. Hence the traditional methods of faxing have largely given way to fax-over-IP, and VoIP fax providers have been competing to ensure that their fax services are simple, easy and hassle free. Many companies offer faxing services and plans, and the VoIP fax specialists at has identified what they say are the three best VoIP Fax providers, after doing a lot of homework.

RingCentral is rated high on customer service, easily one of the most important aspects in a company. Accessible staff that is well versed with the ins and outs of VoIP fax service and willing to troubleshoot any problem is a dream come true for customers. Nextiva also boasts a stellar customer service team that is able to handle even the toughest of questions and can give RingCentral a run for its money.

Ring Central’s comprehensive services can integrate with Microsoft office applications, allowing users to send faxes directly from Word or Excel. PopFax allows faxes to be sent from the Web browser itself or by email. Nextiva, like RingCentral works with Microsoft Office, making it easier to send faxes.

With Ring Central's service, clients can receive faxes as emails, see detailed fax logs, and alerts on mobile devices can notify a user when a fax arrives. With PopFax, users can send faxes from any country in the world from their accounts via an Internet connection. It doesn’t require any software to be installed and can be instantly activated. The Nextiva interface is very simple and easy to understand, and includes a step-by-step process for sending faxes. The service allows users to send faxes to five recipients at a time.

RingCentral has an interesting variety of faxing plans, starting at $8 a month for 300 fax pages. Heavy faxers can have up to 1000 pages per month for $20 when paid yearly. The service includes toll-free and local fax numbers. Nextiva’s services are very affordable, impressive and functional. Inexpensive overage fees and a mere three cent fee in excess of the page limit make it rather attractive.

Although traditional faxing is still prevalent, the benefits that VoIP fax services provide cannot be ignored. Depending on their individual needs, businesses can choose their VoIP fax providers. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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