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April 04, 2014

Voxeet Offers Dial-in Support for Audio Conferencing in More than 40 Countries

By Shamila Janakiraman SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Voxeet audio conferencing now offers dial-in support in more than 40 countries, allowing users to create and join conferences from anywhere using any type of device including PCs, smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and desk phones.

Seamless conference transfers are now possible between Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android powered devices. The Voxeet mobile apps and desktop softphones will be available for Mac users who prefer Mavericks 10.8 or later versions. These new offerings will eliminate the hurdles of traditional audio conferencing and deliver seamless call transfers between different devices.

The dial-in feature in Voxeet 2.0 allows customers to use public switched telephony network (PSTN) numbers in over 40 countries. This facility lets non Voxeet users to take part in conference calls easily. Where employees are restricted from downloading apps to their mobile devices or PCs, the dial-in bridge will allow them to participate in Voxeet-enabled conferences.

Voxeet has partnered with Bandwidth, a provider of IP based and API driven voice network services to offer the Dial-in facility in the U.S. In other countries the same feature is provided in collaboration with other companies.

The company has also announced 3DHD immersive audio for Macs. This new Mac client suits the needs of enterprises with Apple-centric offices, BYOD policies and that of telecommuting employees using Macs.

The 3DHD wideband audio feature in Voxeet’s mobile apps and desktop softphones reduce call fatigue as the assured clarity eliminates the need to repeat conversations. Even if many people talk at the same time, the voices are distinguishable owing to the Voxeet user interface and acoustic cues.

In addition, the voice quality is enhanced as background noise, echo, talk over and differences in participant’s voice levels are all minimized by an advanced audio engine.

Voxeet announced a new audio stack recently, which will enable it to offer 3DHD sound with wideband audio codecs for improved conference call clarity. WebRTC serves as the foundation for this new technology, as well as other features, such as noise suppression.

The WebRTC-based audio stack is part of the Voxeet 2.0 application, and replaces the 1.0 version’s multivendor solution to provide greater reliability and consistency across different types of devices and networks.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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