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April 05, 2014

SIP Trunking Week in Review

By Casey Houser Contributing Writer

Mobile tech has found its way into headlines a number of times this week, in addition to business ethics and the need for private branch exchange systems, as all these topics relate to SIP trunking. Earlier this week, TMC reported that Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is calling for a ban on in-flight cell phone voice calls. A Global Workplace Analytics study, on the other hand, makes the case for upholding the right to call by saying that mobile tech is saving the (work) day. VoIP Supply has gained yet another award for its excellence in workplace ethics, and the President of Ingate Systems made his voice heard by speaking about the necessity of PBX for businesses.

The GBTA is a major player in the travel industry, and when it comments its concerns to the Deparment of Transportation, the DOT perks up its ears. Recently, the GBTA has called to reinstate the ban on in-flight voice calls, a ban the FCC lifted just last year. The travel association has received numerous complaints concerning the noise level within planes. Noise levels enhanced by tens of people talking on their phones at once, all within the space of a single cabin, are reportedly causing backlash from passengers. Planes do not have sectioned-off quiet spaces, so every passenger is subject to the noise that every other passenger makes. GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick put it simply: “DOT should not add to business travelers’ misery. On commercial aircraft in the United States, silence is golden.”

On the other end of the spectrum, a Global Workplace Analytics study has come out in support of the growing use of cell phones. It says that the proliferation of mobile technology is making it possible for businesses to change shape and evolve. In the present day, employees can work from home as efficiently as they can at the office, and they can complete at-home as well as in-office tasks with the support of mobile apps, video conferencing software, and variants of social media. Supported by their mobile devices, employees are always at an arm's length.

Leading the pack in workplace ethics, once again this year, is VoIP Supply, which recently took home its seventh “Best Place to Work” award. Buffalo Business First Newspaper presented the company with the award for its treatment of its employees. They are reportedly treated with respect, inspired and energized by the company. And that treatment leads to a workforce that the newspaper found engaged, dependable, and reliable. VoIP Supply has only been in business for 12 years, and therefore it has accepted this award during greater than half the years it has completed operations.

To cap off the week, Ingate Systems Inc. President Steven Johnson weighed in on the importance of PBX systems. He said this central switching system acts like a “gatekeeper to the outside world.” It allows business officials to work with call routing and transfers, voice messages, and overall shared access to central phone systems. It can also route text messages and handle videoconferencing data, and as such it is indispensable.

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