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May 13, 2014

Claricall Launches ViBE-Enabled Network For Global Clientele

By Madhubanti Rudra SIP Trunking Report Contributor

True to its goal of providing efficient yet cost effective connectivity to a worldwide clientele, Claricall, a joint venture between Voipex and GMS VoipMonster, has reently launched a ViBE-enabled network.

ViBE technology enables the service providers to improve the quality of broadband services by accommodating both voice and data with no need for an expensive bandwidth upgrade. The main advantage of leveraging this technology in a nutshell is: it offers the providers use of standard ADSL (broadband) or fiber connections to carry a high volume of VoIP calls simultaneously.

Thanks to Claricall’s recent launch, the businesses based in any part of the world can take full advantage of the benefits of ViBE technology without any significant expense. In addition to providing cost effective but superior communication links for both voice and

data, the ViBE technology also brings the benefits of an MPLS enabled network at a fraction of the cost of actual implementation of MPLS network. The ViBE-enabled network allows end users the enjoyment of superior voice quality, even on low cost links such as WiMAX and ADSL. It also allows multiple customer sites to get connected together using a private network if required.

Companies across the globe have already incorporated ViBE into their own networks and have started to discover many benefits of ViBE. The companies can now leverage Claricall's ViBE enabled network to enjoy all of these features and more. Claricall plans to eventually bring more than 180 countries under the coverage of its network.

“This is a very exciting moment for us, bringing together the ViBE technology with the expertise of GMS VoipMonster. It will give much greater access to high quality connectivity at a better price than ever before,” director of Claricall, Jonathan Nelson commented in a statement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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