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May 16, 2014

Grandstream Opens IP Video Phone Beta Test for Only $1

By Matt Paulson SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Interested in testing out the future of mobile telephony without spending an arm and a leg to get ahold of the latest technology? It seems that Grandstream Networks has a deal that will cater to the tech enthusiast on a budget, as the esteemed IP voice/video telephony manufacturer is releasing its latest product for $1 beta testing to members of the Grandstream Beta Club (which you can apply to here).

The product Grandstream is planning to make available to Beta Club members is an Android IP videophone, designed with HD real-time video communication in mind. The phone showcases exciting features like a 7” high resolution color LCD touch screen and dual gigabit network ports with PoW, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capability, as well as complete access to the Google Play Store, which itself contains hundreds of thousands of apps.

Of course, supplies are limited, and the company only plans on releasing 50 of the Android IP videophone units for Beta testing. In order to receive the best reviews and testing possible, the Grandstream Beta Club is conducting an application program to determine who will be allowed to test the phone. Their goal is to find users who have a broad range of experience with IP products. Naturally, users will only be asked to chip in their dollar if they are approved for selection, and that price covers shipping and handling requirements.

In addition to receiving quality feedback from the selected applicants on how to improve the phone with different improvements and features, the open call for testers from the Grandstream Beta Club will be a good litmus test on determining how much demand actually exists for their product. Considering the success of a similar program in April, there will likely be a large demand. Additionally, since applicants are required to be members of the Grandstream Beta Club in the first place, an important figure for the company to track as well would be how interested consumers are in this product in general.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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