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May 16, 2014

DE-CIX Debuts NGN VoIP Exchange Service

By Jyothi Shanbhag SIP Trunking Report Contributor

DE-CIX has recently introduced DE-CIX NGN service, which answers the need for multilateral NGN interconnection to multiple networks.

This new service enables carriers to get access to a secure and reliable interconnection environment for the exchange of VoIP traffic, while guaranteeing superior quality interconnection in a controlled and secure environment. DE-CIX NGN will be delivered to carriers over DE-CIX Apollon, an advanced scalable Ethernet platform.

"As a neutral partner, DE-CIX's mission has always been to ensure the highest quality global Internet connectivity, and DE-CIX NGN further affirms our dedication to this mission," said Frank Orlowski, CMO for DE-CIX.

DE-CIX NGN enables connected networks to bring new revenues by delivering value-added services like HD Voice or Unified Communications. Also, this new service offers a neutral platform, and DE-CIX will work with all members to tailor implementations to their specific requirements and to define future needs.

Orlowski said that DE-CIX's goal is to ensure that carriers' lives are less complex and they have supported the ISP and carrier community for almost 20 years, and work every day to build and run the infrastructure that enables carriers to deliver the reliable, high-quality services their customers demand.

Operators can also benefit from this service, by exchanging the traffic directly, while avoiding the need to use third-party operators. Additional features include transcoding and custom federations inside DE-CIX NGN.

The existing DE-CIX customer base that has carriers spread out in more than 60 countries can now use DE-CIX NGN without the need to order additional ports. Other providers can connect to DE-CIX NGN via DE-CIX's Apollon platform in all major data centers in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company assures that carriers can be fully up and running on DE-CIX NGN in just two weeks and is looking into rolling out the service to other DE-CIX locations, such as DE-CIX New York.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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