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May 23, 2014

Twiliow Price-Cut For 5 European Markets

By Madhubanti Rudra SIP Trunking Report Contributor

To the delight of a vast majority of its European customers, Twilio has slashed prices and expanded its services to Irish market and also introduced new capabilities for its Safe Harbor compliant platform. As a result Twiliow is cheaper by up to 76 percent in a number of European countries including the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Twilio is a cloud based platform that allows the developers to build voice, VoIP and SMS applications via a web API. Leveraging Amazon Web Service Twilio facilitates connectivity between HTTP and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through its API. The Twiliow services are charged based on the usage, the phone number type and region.

In a crisis ridden world economy, in which everything costs an arm and a leg, Twillio’s announcement evoked surprise and greeted with a few raised eyebrows. But, it is simple mathematics: a dramatic surge in its European traffic enabled the company to achieve unprecedented economies of scale, which the company decided to pass on to its customers by reducing the prices in certain markets.

Twiliow has experienced a 300 percent jump in its European traffic in 2013. A number of companies have reportedly utilized Twilio’s cloud based platform to build their unique communication applications. For instance, NewVoiceMedia utilized Twiliow to build a SaaS product that allows enterprises of all sizes to create WebRTC enabled call centers quickly and affordably.

Poke, a London based creative agency also leveraged Twilio powered SMS and phone call to drive their campaigns.

Twiliow’s US-EU Safe Harbor-compliance has been one of the factors that helped it gain confidence among its European customers. US-EU Safe Harbor happens to be one of the most stringent set of privacy rules and regulations.

“We've seen some incredible success stories from our European customers. Like NewVoiceMedia, who have built a cutting edge SaaS product that has allowed enterprises of all sizes to have Twilio WebRTC enabled call centers in a fraction of the time or cost of a traditional call center. Or Poke, the creative agency that made it snow on a London street at the prompting of a Twilio powered SMS or phone call. There are countless examples, and as we continue to gain greater economies of scale, we pass these savings on to our customers so they can unleash even more of their creativity. We can't wait to see what they build next,” co-founder and CEO of Twilio Jeff Lawson noted in a statement.

Twiliow has also announced its availability for the Ireland market. With this, Ireland joins 10 other European countries, where customers will be able to use Twiliow for getting SMS-enabled numbers and use them for building messaging based applications that require 2-way SMS capabilities. These applications could be used to enhance customer engagement through conversation.

Poll Everywhere, an application in its beta, is using the Twiliow platform. The application allows live audiences to interact with an event through SMS, Twitter and the mobile web in real time.

“Twilio's Irish SMS numbers help lower our real costs and the costs for our Irish participants, while at the same time improving the overall experience with ease-of-use,” director of marketing at Poll Everywhere Ashok Kanjamala explained in a statement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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