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June 18, 2014

SIPTalk Introduces OnPBX

By David Delony Contributing Writer

The Australian VoIP provider SIPTalk has announced OnPBX, a cloud-based PBX system geared for small business.

“OnPBX helps to reduce phone costs, a major expense for most companies, and to improve customer service through better communication,” Raaj Menon, CEO of OnPBX’s parent company PC Range, said. “Rather than relying on a fleet of mobiles, business owners can now use SIPTalk OnPBX to run a centrally-controlled, affordable and feature-rich phone service for their organisation.”

The service costs $25.95 a month, and is available with contract of 12 or 24 months. There are also no setup fees. Customers can make calls all across Australia or internationally. Users can migrate existing business phone numbers with a minimum of disruption.

Other features include free calls between offices, the ability to ring both office and mobile phones, voicemail to email, outbound caller ID, and conference calls. It also includes fax to PDF for clients who still insist of faxing.

For customers who don’t already have VoIP equipment, PC Range is perfectly happy to offer VoIP switches and headsets, including a snom Meeting Point headset designed for conferencing. The device only cost $8 per month or $169.95 as part of a two-year contract.

The growth of VoIP has spawned a cottage industry of VoIP service providers aiming for small and medium-sized businesses who were previously priced out of PBX systems when they were complex, expensive affairs. Now they can have phone systems as good as those in major corporations.

Hosted PBX services, like OnPBX, have become popular because they don’t require having technicians come in and disrupt a business setting up the new phone systems. OnPBX only requires a few clicks through its Web-based interface. Smaller businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving the maintenance and upgrading of the phone systems to third parties.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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